Karma Spicy Tuna Mushroom Salad Mukbang

3:40 AM

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Karma Spicy Tuna Mushroom Salad Mukbang

I love salads and i love mushrooms. In fact i just love food as a whole. I know its really hard nowadays to actually try to eat right but alot of people don't really like salads or fruits. well i love them all and this is me proving it. 

I am trying to support no food wastage by buying near expiry foods and also for the fact that is so bloody cheap to get.  Can i get at least a thumbs up for no food wastage.

Today's menu would be 250 grams of Romano salad
180 grams of spicy Nameko mushrooms
180 grams of Bailing mushrooms
One can of spicy ayam brand tuna mayonnaise 
A splash of olive oil and balsamic vineger

Nameko Mushrooms
Bailing Mushrooms
Romano Salad

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